Fixed mounting network thermal imaging camera

Fixed mounting network thermal imaging camera

Product Details

The FC-R series has built-in contactless temperature measurement technology that can be used for fire detection, security, substation thermal monitoring, waste disposal and valuable equipment. The FLIR FC-R series Thermal imaging cameras combine image detail with high quality and built-in video analyzers to provide reliable detection performance. Provides flexible alarm options to alert you via email, web pages, mobile apps, edge image storage, digital output, or VMS event notifications.

Reliable Networked Solutions

Feature-rich edge analysis tools

The system has powerful analytical tools built into it to differentiate people and vehicles

Integrated measurement & amp; alarm

The FLIR FC-R series integrates temperature data and alarms into a wide range of external monitoring and control systems.

Compatible with ONVIF Network Video protocol

Can be operated with most video management systems and can be configured through web interfaces, FSM PC apps, or mobile apps.

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Array Format (NTSC) 320x240

Detector type Long life, non-refrigeration vanadium oxide(VOx) micro-measurement of radiant heat meter

Dimensions (lengthX Width × height) 9.2x4.6x4.1 inch (without shade) 10.8x5.4x4.4 inches (with shade)

Effective resolution 76.8

Focusing range Heat dissipation, fixing

Pixel spacing 25µm

Wavelength Range 7.5µm to 13.5µm

Weight 1.8 kg (without shade), 2.2 kg (with hood)

Zoom Continuous electronic zoom, support4 times-fold zoom

Measurement & amp; analysis


Temperature measurement Accuracy ±5°C or readings of ±5%

Temperature measurement Range -10°C to 110°C

Imaging & amp; optics


Field of view angle 24°x19° (fc-324r;19 mm)

Image consistency Optimization Automatic flat field correction (FFC) Thermal and temporary triggers

Video Stream resolution D1:720x576,4cif:704x576,native:640x512,q-native:320x256,cif:352x288,qcif:176x144

Thermal imagingAGC mode AutomaticAGC, manual AGC, platform histogram equilibrium AGC, linear AGC, automatic dynamic detail Enhancement (DDE), Limit gain settings

Thermal imagingAGC Detection Area Default, preset, and user customization ensure that the ultimate image quality of the detected object is obtained.



Input voltage 11-44 VDC (without lens heater), 16-44 VDC (with lens heater), 14-32 VAC (without lens heater), 16-32 VAC (with lens heater), PoE (IEEE 802.3af-2003), PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at-2009)

Power 5 W Nominal, W Peak (with heater), VAC,8 VA nominal, VA Peak (with heater), certified, FCC part 15th, sub-part B,B, CE:EN 55022 B

Surge immunity on AC power cords EN 55,024:2010 and 55022:2010 to 4.0kV on AC auxiliary power cord

Surge immunity on signal lines EN 55,024:2010 and 55,022:2010 to 4.0kV

Environmental parameters


Humidity 0-95% Relative humidity

IP protection level IP66 & IP67

Operating Temperature range -50°C to 70°C (continuous work) -40°C to 70°C (cold start)

Impact resistant MIL-STD-810F "Transport"

Storage Temperature Range -55°C to 85°C

Vibration Resistant IEC 60068-2-27

Connectivity & amp; communication


NTSC or PAL composite video To support; bringHybrid systems for IP and analog video

Ethernet Support

Compatible with external analysis software Support

InternetApi Nexus SDK for integrated system control and integration, Nexus CGI, for HTTP command interface ONVIF Profile S

Ethernet Video Two stand-aloneH.264 Channel, MPEG-4 & M-JPEG (complete details see official website)