Temperature-measuring aerial camera thermal imaging camera

Temperature-measuring aerial camera thermal imaging camera

Product Details

Vue Pro R provides a precise and contactless temperature measurement function for drone operators and certified thermal imaging agents from an aviation perspective. Each static image saved by the Vue Pro R Thermal Imaging camera contains accurate temperature data embedded in each pixel point of each frame, which is of great value in the field of small UAV system operation and maintenance. Vue Pro R Adds a temperature measurement data acquisition function to small UAV system applications for use in a wide range of applications including building and roof inspection, power grid inspection, infrastructure analysis, agriculture and public safety.

A must-have tool for drone professionals

Calibrated radiation temperature measurements

Vue Pro R is not just a thermal imaging camera that captures accurate contactless temperature measurements and embeds calibrated temperature data into each pixel.

MAVLINK Integration and PWM control

In addition to compatible MAVLink can be used for image geolocation tagging, accessory ports can be integrated into UAV control systems, enabling users to control thermal imaging cameras during drone flight

Easy to configure

Enables pilots to easily set up color palettes, image optimization features, and configure PWM input using FLIR UAS applications without having to install a computer on an airplane.

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Precision mounting hole There are two on both sides and at the bottom.There is a 1/4-20 screw hole at the top of the m2x0.4 mounting hole

Size 57.40 mmx44.45 mm (including lens)

Spectral Band 7.5-13.5µm

Weight 92.14-113.40 g (depending on configuration)

Zoom Support-Can be adjusted in the application neutralization via PWM



436_0019_00s 436_0019_00s

Imaging & amp; optics


Palette Support-Can be adjusted in the application neutralization via PWM

Full Frame Frequency 7.5 Hz (NTSC); 8.3 Hz (PAL)

SUAS Image Optimization Support

Inverted images Support-Adjust in the app

Optional lens 6.8 mm;45°x35°

Scene preset value and image processing Support-Adjust in the app

Sensor resolution 336x256

Optional lens[NTSC Analog output field of view angle] 6.8 mm;44°x33°



Input voltage 4.8-6.0 VDC

PowerPeak 2.1 W (3.9 W)

Certificate of Environment and certification


Non-operating temperature range -55 ℃ to +95℃

Operating Temperature range -20 ℃ to +50℃

Working elevation +12192 m

Optional power supply andHDMI Video Module


HDMI output 1280x720 @ 50hz,60hz

Input power Range 5 VDC–28 VDC

Polar Reverse Protection Support

Connectivity & amp; communication


Analog Video output Support



Temperature measurement Accuracy 5% of ±5°C or ± readings