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Where infrared thermal imaging cameras can be applied to
- 2019-03-29-

  Infrared Thermal ImagerWhat is it? Infrared Thermal Imager is an infrared specific band signal that uses photoelectric skills to detect the thermal radiation of an object, converts the signal into a picture and graph that can be distinguished by human vision, and can further calculate the temperature value. Popular point, Infrared thermal imager is to break through the human visual impairment, those due to shielding can not see the part of the conversion to visual drawings, can assist many areas of exploration, detection, differentiation and other applications.

What are the characteristics of infrared imaging cameras?

1. Infrared imager can absorb visible and near infrared light on the atmosphere, smoke clouds, etc., as well as inspections infrared "atmospheric window" can present a clearly visible picture;

2. The size of the thermal radiation energy of an object, which is directly related to the temperature of the surface of the object, enables people to use it to inspections objects for non-contact temperature measurement and thermal state analysis.

In view of this Infrared imager product is for all directly visible equipment, it can confirm the thermal hidden danger of all connection points, so its use can be summed up in the detection of fire, check the fault, determine the authenticity of the use of the field, with the following functions, such as:

Is the detection of fire a good hand: in a large area of fire forest, fire is often caused by inconspicuous fire, then the use of Infrared Imager can quickly detect fire, with the fastest speed to eliminate the source of fire, for fire rescue activities to provide a right-hand man.

Check out the problem to expose the details: Thermal imaging cameras can be used to explore inspections electrical equipment, as well as overheated mechanical components, precautionary cause severe fires and incidents. Thus also for industrial production and many other aspects of the supply of detection means and diagnostic things.

Determine the authenticity of fast parting shoddy pictures: The use of infrared imaging skills can scan a variety of masterpiece pictures, efficient resolution of true and false, to avoid bad businesses to seek personal benefits.

Shanghai Ke Wang Industrial Co., Ltd. Infrared Thermal Imager breaking through the natural physical, ordinary things visual impairment, promotion of things visualization, is a modern high-tech scientific skills, inspections military activities, industrial production and other fields of application has an active and important role. At the same time, with the development of a variety of intelligent skills, the Texaco Infrared Thermal Imager has become increasingly intelligent, giving long-term meaning, widely recognized and used by the user.