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Infrared Thermal Imager Focal length adjustment method
- 2019-03-27-

Adjust focal length

You can adjust the drawing curve after the infrared drawing is stored, but you can't change the focal length after the drawing is stored, and you can't eliminate other messy thermal reflections. Ensuring the correctness of the time operation will prevent errors in the operation of the site. Adjust the focal length carefully! If the overheating or overcooling reflection above or around the policy affects the accuracy of the policy measurement, try adjusting the focal length or measuring the azimuth to reduce or eliminate the reflection effect. (FoRD means: Focus focal length, range scale manufacturer, Distance interval)

Correct scale of temperature measurement

Do you understand the scale of the temperature measurement of the field test? In order to get the correct temperature reading, be sure to set the correct scale of temperature measurement. When investigating the guidelines, fine-tuning the temperature span of the instrument will get excellent picture quality. This will also affect the quality of the temperature curve and temperature measurement accuracy.

Large measurement intervals

When you measure the policy temperature, it is important to understand the large measurement intervals at which accurate temperature readings can be obtained. About uncooled micro-thermal focal plane detectorInfrared Thermal Imaging CameraWhich is good, to accurately distinguish the policy, through the Thermal Imager optical system of the policy drawing it is necessary to occupy 9 pixels, or more. If the instrument interval policy is too far, the policy will be very small infrared thermal imaging camera, temperature measurement results will not correctly reflect the real temperature of the policy object, because the Infrared thermal imager at this time measured temperature average of the policy object and the temperature of the surrounding environment. In order to get an accurate measurement reading, please fill the policy object as full as possible with the instrument's field of view. Show enough scenery before you can tell the policy. The interval with the policy should not be less than the small focal length of the thermal imaging camera optical system, otherwise it cannot be focused into a clear picture.