Techniques for measuring Infrared Thermal Imager
- 2018-11-07-

Infrared Thermal Imager is an on-line monitoring (non-power outage) type of high-tech detection technology, Infrared Thermal Imager set photoelectric imaging technology, computer technology, image processing technology in one, by receiving the infrared (infrared radiation) emitted by objects, the thermal image is displayed on the screen, so as to accurately judge the temperature distribution of the surface of the object, with accurate , Real-time, fast and other advantages. Any object, because of the movement of its own molecules, constantly radiates infrared heat from the outside, thus forming a certain temperature field on the surface of the object, commonly known as "thermal image". Infrared Thermal Imager Technology is by absorbing this infrared radiation energy, to measure the surface of the equipment temperature and temperature field distribution, so as to judge the heating of the equipment.

  Infrared Thermal ImagerBy optical system, photoelectric detector, signal amplifier and signal processing. Displays the output and other parts of the composition. The optical system converges the target infrared radiation energy in the field of view, and the infrared energy is focused on the photoelectric detector and transformed into the corresponding electrical signal, which is then converted to the temperature value of the target being measured.

Benefits of using an infrared thermal imager:

The Infrared thermal Imager provides rapid temperature measurement, and the temperature of almost all connection points can be read with an infrared thermal imager during the time when a leakage connection point is read with a hot couple. In addition, because the Infrared thermal Imager is solid and lightweight: that is, the ratio of the Infrared thermal imager probe to the target diameter. If the infrared thermal Imager is away from the target and the target is small, a high-resolution infrared thermal imager should be selected.

Infrared Thermal Imager Accurate temperature measurement tips:

When measuring the surface temperature of a luminous object, such as aluminum and stainless steel, the reflection of the surface affects the reading of the Infrared Thermal Imager. Before reading the temperature, a strip can be placed on the metal surface, and the temperature of the strip area should be measured after the temperature is balanced.

For infrared thermal imaging cameras to move back and forth from the kitchen to the refrigeration area to provide accurate temperature measurements, it is necessary to take a period of time in the new environment to achieve temperature balance before measuring. Zui to put the Infrared thermal imager in a frequently used place.

Using an infrared thermal imager to read the internal temperature of a fluid food, such as soup or sauce, must be stirred and then the surface temperature can be measured. Keep the infrared thermal imager away from steam to avoid contaminating the lens, resulting in incorrect readings.