What are the advantages of thermal imaging cameras?
- 2018-11-07-

1, the function distance is far

The average infrared lamp product has less than 100 meters of imaging distance. Thermal imaging cameras image the infrared rays of objects, which are not limited by ambient light and lighting light, and the general Telephoto Thermal Imager can observe more than 3-kilometer people and more than 6-kilometer of vehicles.


2, strong penetration ability

Infrared thermal radiation has a stronger ability to penetrate fog, haze, rain and snow than visible light, so the imaging effect of infrared thermal imaging system in severe weather conditions is almost unaffected. In particular, the long-wave thermal imaging camera acting on 8-14um has a stronger ability to penetrate fog.


3, Strong concealment

It is completely passive to receive the signal, do not actively launch the detection signal, so it is not easy to be found by anti-reconnaissance means.


4, Fire monitoring

The general fire is triggered by an inconspicuous hidden fire. With the existing common methods, it is difficult to find the signs of this hidden fire. Since the infrared Thermal Imager is an imaging device that reflects the surface temperature of the object, the Infrared thermal Imager is used to detect the ignition point through smoke, so that early detection is known and early extinguished.


5, all-weather ability to work, anti-strong light interference

InfraredThermal imaging InstrumentImaging does not rely on illuminated light and ambient light, but rather on target and background radiation to produce landscape images, so infrared thermal imaging systems can work 24 hours a day and will not be as exposed to visible light intensity as other night vision devices. Low illumination cameras cannot be imaged without ambient light.

6, can identify hidden targets

The common camouflage is to prevent visible light observation as the main. The general criminal crime is usually hidden in the grass and the woods, because of the harsh field environment and people's visual illusion, easy to produce false judgment. Infrared thermal imaging can detect hidden thermal targets through camouflage and grass leaves, and the temperature and infrared radiation of the human body and vehicles are generally much larger than the temperature of vegetation and infrared radiation, so it is not easy to camouflage, and it is not easily wrong to produce false judgment.

7, low power consumption and long life

Laser lighting or infrared lamps due to the need for active lighting, the machine power consumption is relatively large, some special power supply occasions, must use a low-power thermal imaging camera system. Because the thermal problems of active systems such as infrared lamps are not solved, and the life of ordinary infrared lamps is only 1000 hours, the life of laser lighting is about 10,000 hours, but the life of non-refrigeration infrared thermal imager can reach 45,000 hours.