What are the applications of thermal imaging cameras in the electronics industry
- 2018-11-07-

Production of printed boards
Whether it's a design or a testing phase,Infrared Thermal Imaging CameraIn the field of printed board production are playing an important role. When designing a circuit, the engineer can use an infrared device to monitor the thermal characteristics of a particular component and then modify the design based on the results. During the testing phase, engineers used thermal imaging to locate faults, such as inappropriate circuit welding, broken wiring between components, loss of power fluctuations in stripping leads or inappropriate welding elements, polarity of components, and incorrect component layouts, resulting in circuit heat. The thermal patterns of visualization and quantification enable engineers to improve the product, as well as the manufacturing process.

Lead bonding for integrated circuits
The lead bonding phase of the integrated circuit production process is called a bottleneck because of the large amount of welding involved, heating and cooling need to be controlled. The temperature at which the lead is welded to the IC depends on the diameter of the lead and the material. IC manufacturers should monitor the temperature curve and the temperature at which the lead is welded to the front and back of the IC. This makes it possible to adjust the welding time according to the data collected from the process thermal monitoring, thus increasing the yield. In addition, waste can be reduced due to fewer ICS that are damaged by heat, as well as fewer circuit boards that are poorly welded and discarded.

Naked Printed Board (PCB) production
Bare printed boards made of fiberglass and rosin must be baked in a dry oven. These printed boards usually consist of multiple layers that must be heated several times, thus curing each layer of the circuit board. It is extremely important to increase the temperature of the circuit board, otherwise the circuit board may not be available and must be discarded. Because of the low profits of board manufacturers, this waste can seriously affect their profits. To prevent scrap and increase profits, circuit board manufacturers use thermal imaging cameras to carefully measure the temperature at which the circuit board solidifies in order to accurately control the temperature.

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