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Small details you need to know to use an online thermal imager
- 2018-11-02-

What are the details of the FLIR online thermal imaging camera?

1, the adjustment of the focal length. In order to ensure the correctness of the time operation, try to avoid the overheated or too cold reflection of the measured object itself or the surrounding background affecting the accuracy of the target measurement. The focal length and orientation should be adjusted before the infrared image is stored.

2. To determine the measurement distance of the online thermal imager , the absolute measurement distance of the accurate temperature measurement reading must be known before measurement. Because the target image through the thermal imager of the camera must occupy 9 pixels, or more. In order to obtain accurate measurement readings, the measured object should be filled with the field of view of the instrument as much as possible. If it is too far, the temperature measurement result will not reflect the true temperature of the measured object correctly, because the measured temperature averages the measured object and The temperature of the surrounding environment.

3, the work background is as simple as possible. When performing outdoor inspections, the measured object is likely to be close to the ambient temperature, so the effects of solar reflection and absorption on the image and temperature measurement must be considered.

4. The instrument should be kept as stable as possible during the temperature measurement process. When the camera is in the captured image, the movement of the instrument may cause the image to blur. Therefore, when freezing and recording images, the camera should be as stable as possible. Also, when pressing the store button, try to be gentle and smooth.

5. Setting of emissivity. The value of the emissivity is set before the temperature is measured, and the value of the general emissivity is set to be 0.95 or more.

6. Select the temperature range. When measuring temperature, be sure to set the temperature range correctly, and fine-tune the temperature span of the camera. Zui will get the image quality of Zui, otherwise it will affect the quality of the temperature curve and the accuracy of temperature measurement.

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