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Application techniques and features of infrared thermal imaging camera
- 2019-03-28-

Speaking ofInfrared Thermal Imaging Camera, I think a lot of people will not feel strange, this is a very common equipment, by the broad user's recognition and praise. Although the application of a wide range of applications, but some users of the use of the equipment and the use of features do not understand, in view of these problems, today we look at how professional staff to answer our questions, to help users learn more about the equipment information.

First of all, to see what the use of infrared thermal imaging cameras, first of all, in the use of the device time to know, different compression of light waves are also different, users in the measurement, must first determine the good optical resolution is how much, to determine the good after the policy can be more accurate measurement. Secondly, the user to determine the size of a good object, here must be clear, the actual size of the policy and infrared thermal imaging camera is not the same, measurement of the time, first determine the actual size of the policy, and then be able to make accurate adjustments to the equipment, better monitoring and measurement of the object. In addition, adjust the scale of measurement, this is a lot of users difficult. The measuring temperature scale of the equipment is very important, which directly affects the efficiency of the equipment.

If the infrared thermal imager can be used correctly, it will be found that the application of the equipment is very different. As for the use of features:

At the top, the device is able to clear the image even in the absence of any light, and the interval at night can be seen far away.

Second, the equipment will not be affected by visible light, for example, in the airport, port, car and other bright local still can be used normally.

Third, the measurement information is accurate and clear, and compared with the traditional equipment, the measurement results of this equipment are more recognized by users.

IV, thermal imaging cameras can be used in the smoke environment, but also in harsh environments, the use of the effect will not be affected. This also solves the problem for many local environments where the environment is relatively harsh.

Through the above analysis, our understanding of thermal imaging cameras has become more and more profound. The use of equipment skills and equipment to use the characteristics of these are very easy to understand, now the equipment has been widely used in medicine, electronics, transportation and other industries, its presentation has also brought great assistance to the development of these industries, is to broaden the scope of development, become the industry to carry out the a good hand.