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Application of infrared Thermal Imager in different industries
- 2019-04-01-

Thermal Imager imaging technology is used in a variety of areas, such as health care, aerospace, flaw detection and so on, because thermal imaging cameras have many advantages. The mainstream thermal imager used in the civil market has the advantages of simple structure, powerful function and rapid measurement temperature. So what are the advantages of using thermal imaging cameras in other areas?

Thermal imaging cameras are often used in safety guesses about industrial kilns, high temperature refractories erosion, and so on. Safety guessing refers to the early detection of equipment abnormalities, and then take timely and appropriate remedial measures to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, reduce the loss. As far as large equipment is concerned, it is of great significance to use thermal imager to monitor on-line while it is working. Thermal Imager also plays its own advantage in the medical and health category, when the human body's local and perhaps systemic lesions in the future, the human body's innovation and blood circulation will attack changes, this change will destroy the temperature balance of the corresponding parts of the human body, so the change of body temperature is regarded as an important goal to diagnose human pathology. The use of thermal imaging cameras to view the temperature of various parts of the human body will provide an important basis for the study of certain diseases. As far as the quality control of many products is concerned, it is necessary to strictly control the temperature dispersion of the products, so thermal imaging cameras are often used to detect the temperature field dispersion of the products. For example, the boring detection of pulp, the temperature of the control glass production, integrated circuit design and so on. In the field of scientific research, thermal imager also has its own common advantages. For example, a thermal imager can measure the temperature of a flame, accurately measure the emissivity of an object, and so on. It can be said that thermal imager has helped many scientists to play a good role in experimental research. Thermal Imager has long been one of the important means to ensure the safety of industrial products. In China's electricity, metallurgy, chemical and chemical industry, coal and other industries, are also widely used.

OtherInfrared Thermal ImagerNot only in high temperature, high pressure, high speed and other conditions to complete real-time detection, and do not need users to turn off the power supply may stop the machine, you can find the potential problems of the equipment, to prevent equipment attack accidents. The contactless detection technology of thermal imaging cameras is safe, fast and reliable. Related to traditional detection methods, thermal imager is undoubtedly a technological revolution.